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Start Using for Free

AdsRadar is the best way to get rid of intrusive ads and online tracking, and to protect your device from malware.

Make your web surfing faster, safer and more cofortable with AdsRadar!

AdsRadar Features:

  • Blocking ads

    AdsRadar block ads that interrupt your browsing experience. Say goodbye to video ads, pop-ups, flashing banners and more. Blocking these annoyances means pages load faster.

  • Security

    With AdsRadar avoiding tracking and malware is easy. Blocking intrusive ads reduces the risk of "malvertising" infections. Blocking tracking stops companies following your online activity.

  • Optimization

    AdsRadar blocking unwanted content is extremely fast and speeds up page loading. Optimizes traffic usage and saves your device's battery.

Why AdsRadar?

AdsRadar Regular ad blockers

Ad blocking

Most ad blockers today have at least passable ad blocking quality.

Cosmetic page processing

Many AdGuard analogues are also able to hide frames and empty spaces left after the ad is blocked.

Saves traffic and speeds up loading

AdsRadar blocks ads before they are loaded to the browser. This saves traffic and speeds up page loading.

Protection from annoying ads

AdsRadar provides a special filter to block the most annoying elements (signup forms, online consultants etc.)

Filters Ads & Sites by category

AdsRadar technology allows you to block only those categories of content that you want

Your own White/Blacklist

A simple control system will allow you to control the process from the inside

Password control

Keep your kids safe from dangerous content. your security will be protected by a password!

500K rules

AdsRadar contains 500,000+ rules to block obtrusive ads

3x faster

AdsRadar makes sites open on average 3x faster

2 updates/week

Twice a week we update our built-in rules from the cloud

45k live users

More than 45k our users are free of unwanted ads!


One of the most comprehensive and complete ad-blocking solutions around. Rarely breaks sites.


Excellent product. Does what it is supposed to do...block ads. Also have the ability to turn off when necessary !!! Sooooo good to be add free forever !!!!!

Peter Naish

One of the most comprehensive and complete ad-blocking solutions around. Rarely breaks sites.

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